11 Things We Have Learned Working In PR

When Maroon PR opened 11 years ago, the PR landscape was much different than it is today. Throughout the years, our agency has evolved with the growth of digital and we have continued to adapt and learn along the way.

As an agency, we are lucky enough to work with all types of companies – large and small, non-profit and for profit, consumer facing and B2B. We have learned a lot from our clients and through our experiences. While many of our guiding principles of PR have remained the same, we are tasked with new challenges as we continue to navigate our fast paced, digital, content-rich, world. As we look back on 11 years, we share 11 things we’ve learned along the way!

1.  Details, Details, Details
When it comes to PR, details are extremely important. From messaging in a press release, to who is included on a media event invite list, to how you fit the story into 140 characters. By paying attention to the details, the larger goal is more easily achieved.

2.  Your voice is important

As PR professionals, we are involved in many crucial decisions that help shape the public’s opinion of an organization or person. Remember to speak up when you have an opinion; you owe it to the organization.

3.  Edits are not negative; they simply mean the person is engaged in the content or subject.

Whether it’s edits to written pieces, design work or content production, we can get discouraged by edits. We have come to learn that edits are signs of engagement. When someone is engaged and believes in the story being put together, edits are an important and worthwhile part of the process.

4.  Newspapers are not dying

It’s actually an exciting time for the media industry. Newspapers are evolving, just as TV and radio. People are getting their news from many platforms – print, traditional television, digital, radio, podcasts and more – which means there are more ways than ever to get your story to reach intended audiences.

5.  Research is important

With information at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to do research. It’s a crucial piece of media relations and social media management. Always research the publication and the reporter you are pitching, and remember that no two reporters are the same. Always research that hashtag you’re about to include in your company’s tweet.

6.  There is power in partnership

We take pride in trying to help our clients create partnerships. Mutually beneficial partnerships are a great way to achieve growth.

7.  Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only one who believes in the “thank you” note

In the world of email communication and text messaging, it’s easy to lose the personal touch when building and maintaining professional relationships. The small gesture of sending a hand written, signed, sealed and delivered (yes, in the mail!) note to a business colleague can go a long way.

8.  Social media is not a fad, but it will change

When social media became a thing, the business world was skeptical. Now it’s the way the world communicates and there is no doubt it’s here to stay. For PR pros it’s our job to keep on top of new platforms as they develop so we can make informed decisions about how businesses can be reaching audiences.

9.  Storytelling remains the focal point of successful PR

Storytelling has always been the cornerstone of PR but in today’s world the opportunities for storytelling have expanded. While in the past we could only rely on the mass media to tell our stories, organizations can now be their own publishers and tell their own stories through the web and social media. Earned media is still extremely powerful but your owned media is also an important tool.

10.  Relationships are the key to business

Though the PR landscape has changed, our guiding principle of Maroon PR – We Drive Growth Through Relationships – has remained the same after 11 years. Our goal is to drive growth for our clients whether it’s through media relationships, customer relationships or business relationships.

11.  Remember to have fun and celebrate wins

PR can be many things—rewarding, grueling, a grind! At Maroon PR, we also like to remind ourselves that PR is a lot of fun. Always remember to take time to have fun with your clients and colleagues, and celebrate PR wins!