Baltimore and Pittsburgh Business Journals Announce the Launch of Revtown

Three former Under Armour execs launch Pittsburgh-based denim clothing company

By Jonathan Munshaw – Digital Editor, Baltimore Business Journal

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Three former executives at Under Armour Inc. have launched Revtown, an online denim clothing line based out of Pittsburgh.

Henry Stafford, the former chief merchandising officer at Under Armour; Steve Battista, a former senior vice president of creative; and Matt Maasdam, the former head of the company’s e-commerce unit; launched the clothing line with men’s jeans, polo shirts, v-neck T-shirts, among other items. A women’s collection is being designed to launch next year.

Wednesday is the first day the clothes are available for purchase.

Stafford, the CEO of Revtown, left Under Armour in May 2016 after six years. Battista was one of Under Armour’s (NYSE: UAA) longest-tenured employees, having worked there since 2000 and helped to oversee the company’s advertising. Maasdam worked at Under Armour for several years after he served in the Navy. He was also a director at Mechanicsburg-based Novitas Solutions.

Stafford described his relationship Battista as being able to “finish each other’s sentences.” After both departed Under Armour he said they began to bounce ideas off one another about how they could take the innovation of a sportswear product like Under Armour and apply it to denim.

“I learned a lot at Under Armour. There were fantastic people, and there was just a ton of great product that we built,” he said. “The way that product was built in the athletic apparel business in terms of innovation, fit, function, mobility, it really takes a lot of learning and applies them to a denim industry that I think was lacking a lot of that.”

Revtown specializes in a specific form of denim called Decade Denim. Stafford said the unique blend of Italian wool and other fibers allows them to be more flexible than the average blue jean.

“We did loads of research on people, jeans, denim, what they’re buying,” he said. “People wear a lot of jeans, they buy a ton of jeans, and the thing is, they didn’t really think they were comfortable. So we took a design approach to focus on comfort, mobility and fit.”

A pair of Revtown’s jeans costs $75, while shirts cost between $30 and $40.

The Pittsburgh-based retailer will be focusing on e-commerce exclusively, Stafford said.

“I think there’s so much opportunity for us as a brand in the coming years to reach people directly, to reach people through social marketing and direct marketing,” he said.

Revtown offers two fits of jean: “sharp” and “automatic.” Sharp jeans are meant to look more casual and are more tight-fitting, while automatic jeans are a bit looser but “not baggy.”

To celebrate the launch of the brand, Revtown is offering special crates, which cost $210 and include two pairs of jeans and any three shirts.