Media Relations Strategy Brings National and Regional Awareness to Revtown Brand Through its Launch

Revtown Launch

Revtown is a new denim brand based in Pittsburgh, Pa. With a founding group led by Under Armour’s former chiefs of product and brand, Revtown formally announced the launch of its first collection of hand-crafted, premium jeans on January 24, 2018.

Maroon PR was selected by Revtown to serve as its national public relations agency to manage media relations and provide social media support for the brand. Beginning in early January, the Maroon team created a strategic plan to announce the launch of the brand to national, regional and local media outlets.

Media Relations Strategy

The first goal for Maroon PR was to maximize media coverage of Revtown’s launch on January 24, 2018. Revtown is a direct-to-consumer brand that completes 100 percent of its transactions at, so it was critical to inform the public about the launch of the brand and the website to boost sales of Revtown’s first collection of jeans.

National, Local and Industry Media Coverage

Through a focused approach, Maroon PR utilized its corporate and retail PR experience, and its media relationships to line up a series of placements for Revtown.

Coverage of Revtown’s launch began on the day the announcement, with Maroon PR securing stories in the Pittsburgh Business Times, Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore Sun. Major fashion industry publications including Women’s Wear Daily and MR Magazine also quickly picked the story up. Trade publications covering retail and denim, including RetailDive, BrandChannel and Rivet, also wrote about Revtown’s launch.

Just four days after Revtown’s launch, Maroon PR also secured key national story in Forbes discussing Revtown’s hopes to stand out in the denim market. Additional hits were secured in the first two weeks in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, NEXTpittsburgh, and


Traditional public relations plays an integral role surrounding the launch of any brand. By earning attention for Revtown out of the gates, Maroon PR was able to reach the public and boost buzz needed to drive early sales. After the first few weeks, it was clear public relations played a key role in driving business to Revtown. The foundation for success was provided, and critical media relationships were cultivated which will generate more coverage opportunities for Revtown in the future.

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