Netflix Graphic Design Original Series

By TJ Evans

Netflix has stepped into the design world by releasing an original series about the graphic design world and the influencers within design’s respective fields. The series is titled, “Abstract – The Art of Design.”

I ran across the series as I was looking for my next show to binge watch on Netflix. The word “Design” caught my eye, and that is where I decided to dig deeper. I noticed there are 8 episodes that focus on different fields within the design world such as, Illustration, Footwear, Automotive Design and Graphic Design.” Being a graphic designer myself, I thought I’d start on episode number 6 titled, “Paula Scher: Graphic Design.”

Check out the preview:

The episode takes a look into the influential designer, Paula Scher and examines her way of thinking, her methods of design, the goals of her work and how she arrives at a finished piece in the end. Paula is a well-known designer based out of New York City. Her area of focus is company brand work where she is able to speak with a client and formulate their main goals and how they’d like to be portrayed to the general public.

She explains how she is able to develop interesting brand language and formulate that into visually capturing design work directed at a specific audience. I really enjoyed how the episode shows her different quirks. For example, she never stays in one spot for too long. She loves moving around her building from one floor to another, speaking with the different teams and departments within the design firm. She also likes to evaluate her surroundings, where ever she may be and use that environment to create doodles in her notebook, which she may use for her current project. One scene shows her in a NY taxi, looking out of the window and drawing in the notebook. I do the same kind of thing in my everyday life, so I really related to this method of work.

I haven’t watched every episode but I plan on watching them all and learning about the 8 different design fields that the series covers. I’d recommend to any that is interested in learning about design to watch this series. If you have a Netflix account, this one is a good series to binge on!