Maroon PR Targets Beverage Industry Outlets for the Release of Sagamore Spirits’ Limited Time Whiskies

Photo by Sagamore Spirit

In October, Sagamore Spirit released two limited time offer whiskies under its Sagamore Reserve label: Double Oak and Moscatel Barrel Finish.  Maroon PR led media relations efforts for the launch with a goal of earning coverage from outlets focused on the whiskey industry.  The strategy was designed to reach the brand’s target audience and continue growing awareness for its products among whiskey enthusiasts.

The outreach approach was successful and placements were secured within top industry outlets including Whiskey Advocate, The Spirits Business, The Whiskey Wash, and The Whiskey Reviewer.  Each site boasts impressive readership and the target demographic for Sagamore Spirit’s public relations objectives.

Facts and Figures:

  • According to their 2017 Media Kit, is the gateway of their whiskey-related media with 150,000+ unique visitors and over 500,000+ page views per month. 60 percent of their readers are between the ages of 25-44, as well as a growing female audience (20%+).
  • The Spirits Business is “the only international trade magazine solely dedicated to spirits.” According to their 2017 Media Kit, receives 1,000,000 page views and 300,000 unique users per month from over 140 countries.
  • The Whiskey Wash is a leading whiskey news and information website focused on telling readers about the whiskey lifestyle. Per Meltwater, the website garners 62,800+ users each month.
  • The Whiskey Reviewer is based in the heart of “Whiskey Country,” Lexington, Ky. It covers the world of whiskey and according to Meltwater, has approximately 28,000+ unique users monthly.


Maroon PR has been working with Sagamore Spirit since its launch in 2016.  The agency has helped the brand through various milestones including the official launch of the brand, the opening of its five-acre waterfront distillery campus in Baltimore, Md., and its debut in different states including; New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.